This fun type treatment was a client piece inspired by the famous Frank Sinatra song 'My Way' playing with overprint styles in an additive color spectrum. This is also one of the earlier works I created in Procreate for iPad Pro - a powerful application, and worth every dollar.

My sister told me about a dream she had and asked me to draw the specifics - I was so happy to do it! Now it hangs in her home. This is a Ps comp using my Wacom tablet

A gift for my lovely Aunt. This is finished by hand in a traditional medium of heavy matte black paper stock, pencil and paint pens. It lives in a little shadowbox frame on the wall and she loves it.

This home is from my client Chelsea's childhood. Her sister was getting hitched and as a gift to the newlyweds Chelsea wanted a picture in a more artisan style of the home they shared when growing up. She asked me to recreate this in a traditional medium and shared some examples of whose work she also likes. Chelsea loved the results and was excited to receive it. This was finished with a mix of studio markers, pencil, black Micron liner pens, water color & acrylic paints and gauche 

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