This piece was so fun to make - my sister wanted to add to her tattoo sleeve a piece inspired by her son Carter, who loves dapper dinosaurs and ukulele's. She also wanted to tie-in to other pieces living on her sleeve which is where the peacock feathers come in. The Celt-ish arch leading to the rose is in reference to some of our heritage and our grandmother. It took a little while to complete, but over 30 thousand strokes later we have this super cool dino. Made in Procreate for iPad Pro.

Here is a sweet piece meant to give a nod to the early days of Hip Hop, and focuses in on one group in particular; can you figure out who that is? This was created in Procreate for iPad Pro for a DTG print production on t-shirts. 

The following are for an e-book series for tweens my client is in the process of writing. Made in Procreate for iPad Pro - more to come in the future
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