"Robert was a pleasure to work with and provided excellent service. He was very professional and provided awesome suggestions and options, in order to create a great logo. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone in need of Graphic Design services."
~ Damon B.

"RAD is super professional every step of the way and very timely. Easiest design process of my 20+ year career. Thanks Rob. We will be back."
~ Geoffrey W.

"Rob was given a very open to interpretation description of a dream I had and was asked to recreate it on paper. The outcome was amazing. Every time I see it hanging above my fireplace its like I'm reliving that dream. He got every main detail down to a T. Phenomenal work."
~ Tina K.

"Rob created our logo and it is awesome! Great to work with!"
~ Charlie L.

My name's Robert,
I'm a graphic designer and illustrator in the Detroit area. 

INFJ  -  Advocate  -  My strengths are in conceptualizing & illustration, brand asset management across media, color control, typography, asking 'what if' constantly, delivering high quality results, and good ol' fashioned straight-forward and honest communication. I just roll up the sleeves and the brief is my bias.

I use Adobe CC, traditional art & design tools, and my handy drawing tablet for illustrations, logo & brand identity design including business cards and other stationary and marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, billboards and other business signage, menu’s, mural art, web UI design and other digital assets...the list grows. 


"If you can design one thing, you can design anything"
                                                                                        ~ Vignelli

When I’m not saving the day I love learning, hanging with the family & friends, random concerts around Detroit, nerding-out over what my favorite artists and designers are doing, various sports, watching my daughter grow, or any and every adventure with my lovely Megan. Life’s nice.

For the up to date of what’s happening with me, check out and give a follow to my social stuff:


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